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Posted on: January 24

Author: Admin

“Excuses, Excuses, Excuses”, that’ what my dad said.  My first sales manager use to say “There are two kinds of people, those who look for a way and those that find an excuse.” He also said “Be the kind of person who goes over, under, around or through any obstacle that stands in the way.”Psychologists tell us that there are internalist’s and externalist’s.  The internalist’s accepts responsibility for their circumstances. They tell themselves that success is their responsibility, not based on their circumstances.The externalist’s  blame their lack of success on their circumstances. It’s my product.  It’s my company.  It’s my boss. It’s my family. It’s my territory.  Earl Nightingale said, “I don’t believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in the world find their circumstances and if they can’t find them, they make them.”The successful sales people I’ve known understand this:  The world doesn’t care about the storms you encounter, they only want to know if you brought in the ship. Yet, I am always confronted by  the salesperson who tells me it’s someone elses’  fault for their results, not theirs.I’ve heard you can’t sell in January – bad weather and people are just back from vacation.  February is just as bad and it’s a short month with holidays too. March is a bad luck month (The Ides of March) and more holidays.April is tax month and the weather is so nice everyone is out of the office. May is more great weather and I need to spend time with the family. You get the point. We can always make excuses.So, how do we get out of this habit? First, therapists tell us the beginning of the solution to any problem is the recognition of that problem. If you don’t accept the responsibility for your results, them there is a white elephant in your living room.Second, use creative visualization. Sports psychologists and coaches use this technique all the time.  Close your eyes and imagine the picture of success you want. What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. This is a law of the universe.  What we ardently believe and act upon, the universe will deliver.Third, actually write out your excuses so you can recognize them better and eliminate them when you face them. I have call reluctance. I hate follow-up calls while the sale is in process.  I make excuses. It’s Monday, their busy. It’s Friday, they’re going to be out. I don’t want to be pushy. It’s too early. It’s too late. Their at lunch.I think you get the point. In sales, we all have our own demons. However, try this mantra, “I hate the price, I love the prize!” AS you eliminate your excuses, you’ll see you’re sales increase.

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