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Expect Something Great

Posted on: January 24

Author: Admin
Expect Something Great

I have the privilege of knowing some very successful interesting people. One of my friends, Jess, passed away about a year ago, he was 81. One night at dinner, I asked him what he thought his life would be like when he was 75 (his age that night). He told me he always expected great things to happen. Jess grew up in the depression. He told me many days his family only had rice to eat. He worked during high school, college and law school (he went into real estate law when he graduated). He was working his way up the food chain.In 1974, he and his wife bought an orchard in Napa and planted grapes to sell to local wine makers. Everything was going fine until 1981. In 1981, there were too may grapes and he couldn’t sell his. He and his wife, Jane, decided to make their own wine. They decided to name the wine for both of their last names, Kendall Jackson.Yes, when Jess passed away, Forbes magazine said his net worth exceeded two billion dollars. Jess also told me he didn’t believe in circumstances. He said he found his circumstances or made them, always with the expectation of something great.Another friend of mine grew up in the same part of rural Kansas as me. She told me she worked at the Dairy Queen in my hometown (Hutchinson) to pay her way through junior college. I asked her “When you were 18 working in the DQ in Hutchinson, what did you expect your life to be like when you were 35. That’s how old she was when I met her. She said something very similar to Jess, that she had great belief and expectations in her personal success. That woman was Martina McBride.I always think if either of these people would have told their co-workers about their expectations that they would have gotten a discouraging word. I can just see Martina’s co-workers at the Dairy Queen saying “That’s nice, but we got to make more dip cones.”There is one thing that no employer, friend or your family can control, that’s your ability to “think big”. You can think as big as you’d like and you can make your expectations come true. It starts with your own belief system.During my entire career, I’ve heard this over and over again, “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” I believe it! There is a law of the universe that says, “What you ardently believe and act upon, you can achieve.” The operative word in both of these bits of wisdom are belief and action. Start today believing in the home run. Where you are today has nothing to do with where you can be. As I’ve said before, don’t look in the rearview mirror, you aren’t going that way.

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