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Foundations for a Great Presentation with Attitude - Part 4

Posted on: July 25

Author: Admin
Foundations for a Great Presentation with Attitude - Part 4

July 25, 2008June 2008 NewsletterHere's this month's sales newsletter! I also want to call your attention to some upcoming learning opportunities.1. Join us for a two-day intensive sales skills training course where you will experience an interactive process of evaluating your current sales practices with Tom. You will learn Tom's Sales Success System from prospecting to closing which focuses on accelerating activities that lead to results. It's Thursday and Friday, August 7-8, from 8:30a to 4:30p at the Cool Springs Marriott. The cost is only $750 and includes registration, materials, and continental breakfast.2. In conjunction with the training above, on August 7th, at 6:00p, Tom will be conducting "Doing Business at the Table" at Sunset Grill. During a three-hour, four-course dinner Tom simulates entertaining your clients including: making the right reservation, seating arrangements, table placement, and much more. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes many business people make and see how much more effective your business dining will be! $250 per person and includes dinner and wines selected by Tom. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot soon!3. On August 22, we are offering Advanced Selling. This one-day training will include the five biggest mistakes experienced salespeople make, selling to different personality styles, presenting and winning the RFP, the phone approach that never fails, closing groups -- a sure fire close, a relationship-building system that gets results, how to beat the competition almost every time, and much more. Cool Springs Marriott, 8:30a to 4:30p4. John Boyens (http://www.boyens.com/) and Tom are teaching a one-day sales management course at the Richland Country Club in Nashville on Thursday, September 4, 2008, 8:00a to 5:00p. Here you'll learn recruiting, training and managing techniques that have built several successful sales organizations. If you hire, train, or manage sales people, don't miss this! It's only $500 and space is limited. It includes your registration, all workshop materials, continental breakfast and a catered lunch.If you're interested, email or call Tom (615.714.5151 cell or 615.377.7752 office).****************************In recent newsletters, we've been discussing laying foundations for a great presentation with attitude. Here's the last part of that discussion. Read on and enjoy!Make LemonadeAnother element of your attitude is your disposition toward obstacles. Sam Johnson, a legendary sales manager for the Southwestern Company, used to say, “In every seeming adversity, there is a seed for greater growth.”We’ve all heard of making lemonade from lemons. Here are some examples:Lemon: My territory got changed or reduced. Lemonade: Now I have less drive time and can focus my efforts.Lemon: The competition lowered their price below ours. Lemonade: They obviously can’t compete on the merits of the product.Lemon: I just lost a major account. Lemonade: I have more time to develop a new and larger account.Lemon: Some of my customers have been receiving the wrong shipments. Lemonade: I can find a more efficient process to eliminate error.Lemon: I just got a new sales manager and we don’t seem to get along. Lemonade: Now I have a chance to practice my personality style-flexing.Lemon: Our product line has been cut down. Lemonade: I can hone my presentations of our best products.Lemon: The GPS in my car is not working. Lemonade: This will give me a chance to learn the area a little better.Here is a good example of how attitude can make the difference. A very large national shoe manufacturer decided to expand their territory into some African countries, and they decided to send their very best salesperson to do the job. A few months later having totally failed to sell any shoes, he called the company and said: “I'm returning on the next flight. I can't sell shoes here. Everybody goes barefoot!”Discouraged and ready to give up on their expansion plans, they sent in a rookie. He broke every sales record in the company’s history. They asked him how he was able to achieve this kind of success when their star salesman had utterly failed. The rookie responded: "The prospects are unlimited. Nobody wears shoes here!"You see, the difference in the two men was a simple matter of perspective and attitude. Is your proverbial glass of water half full or half empty?Remember the PonyThere once were two 10-year-old twin brothers. One was an optimist, and the other a pessimist. They were twins, but they seemed so different. This frustrated their parents, so they took the boys to a psychiatrist to be tested. The psychiatrist said he had a test for such boys.He put the pessimist in a room full of toys and then put the optimist in a room full of horse manure.The psychiatrist waited a few minutes and went back to see the pessimistic boy. Sure enough, he was sitting in the middle of the room crying.“Why didn’t you play with the ball?” the psychiatrist asked the boy,“I was afraid it would hit me in the chin,” the lad replied.“Why didn’t you play with the balloons?” asked the psychiatrist.“I was afraid they’d pop and scare me,” replied the boy.“Why didn’t you pop the gun?” the doctor asked.“I was afraid it would shoot me,” said the pessimist.The psychiatrist shook his head and went to the room with the optimist. When he opened the door, the boy was in the middle of the room throwing horse manure everywhere.“Stop! Stop! What are you doing?” yelled the psychiatrist.The little boy turned, covered head-to-toe in horse manure. “Mister,” he said. “With all this horse manure in here, I know somewhere there had to be a pony!”As a great sales manager Sam Johnson said: “In every seeming adversity, there is a seed for greater growth.”The right attitude allows you to be happy and helps you to not get discouraged in the face of obstacles. It also allows you to be persistent. When you get discouraged, just remember: That pony is in there somewhere.To your success,Tom

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