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Get Your Body Talking

Posted on: December 31

Author: Tom Black
Get Your Body Talking

December 2009This month we focus on body language and ask ourselves what type messages we are sending.  Take care that they are positive!Get Your Body TalkingAnother element of enthusiasm is body language.  Motion creates emotion.  In countless sales presentations, I’ve witnessed salespeople sit back in their chairs and talk to prospects from across the desk.  These salespeople are working against themselves.  If you’re presenting to someone across the desk, get on the edge of your chair, lean forward, animate your gestures to the point of feeling a little ridiculous, and act enthusiastic.If you’re presenting to a group and they are all seated, then stand up!  It’s hard not to be enthusiastic when you’re standing and talking, although I’ve seen some of my college professors and a few preachers pull it off.  Just decide to get animated and get excited.A common question salespeople ask me is this: “How do I sound enthusiastic?”Remember that most people think about three times faster than they speak.  I’ve noticed that enthusiastic and confident people speak faster.  So, despite the misconception that “slow-and-steady” is always the best approach, speaking faster can make you sound more enthusiastic and hold a prospect’s attention better.  You can speak faster if you know exactly what you are going to say.  This emphasizes the importance of a planned and well-rehearsed sales talk.  The bottom line is this: Am I transferring my enthusiasm for my product to the prospect?Nodding Your HeadNodding your head is one of the most effective ways to get your body talking.  With the simple nod of your head, you send positive vibes to your prospect.  It also reinforces your own commitment to what you are saying and selling.  Try this: Have fun with your friends by nodding your head up and down and then ask them to shake their heads “no.”  They will find it’s very hard to do.  This is the same positive impact you have on your prospect when you’re nodding your head “yes.”Many times, your prospect will start nodding his head with you.  This is a good thing.  After all, it is hard to say “no” when prospects are busy saying “yes” with their heads!To Your Success,Tom

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