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How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

Posted on: January 24

Author: Admin
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

This was a popular sales book written in the 50’s by Frank Bettger, it’s still relevant today.  The secret in the book to Frank’s success was the  law of averages.  The law of averages is a sales person’s best friend. Why do I say that?

First, in sales two brothers follow each other everywhere, See More and Sell More.  Man, as an individual, is unpredictable. Man in the mass is predictable. Our largest insurance companies are based on this principle. Yet, my whole career I’ve seen people fight the law of averages. You might as well fight the law of gravity.My first sales manager, Sam Johnson, said “If you want to give yourself a 20% raise, see 20% more people.” That’s the great thing about commission based selling jobs. The more you sell, the more you make.Second, the law of averages will help you when you get in a slump. Johnny Bench, arguably the greatest catcher of all time, said “Slumps are like beds. They are easy to get into and hard to get out of.” Our tendency in a sales slump is to second guess ourselves. Sometimes we slow down & spend more time with the prospects, we think if we just spend enough time with them, they will buy. It doesn’t work that way.So, how do you see more people? Here are 3 ideas that work.First, block time to call on new prospects. A radio station I worked with increased the number of new prospects seen by 30%,  just by insisting that every sales person call only new prospects from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM every morning.This dedication to a specific time to call new people works. Time after time sales people will find something else to do rather than call new people. Yet, nothing is more critical for sales persons success than filling their pipeline with new prospects. So, block time each week to do nothing else.Next, get a prospect list. If you don’t know who you are going to call next, you’re unemployed. We insist our salespeople have a list of 60 new prospects at all times. If one comes off the list, a new one is added. A dynamic changing list of new people to talk to will help you see more peopleKeep your prospect list on a piece of paper: Name, phone number, address, e-mail address and title. Carry it with you wherever you go. Any moment of down time, make a call. It’s simple time management. Take every opportunity to call new prospects. This can only be done if you’re prepared to call. A list on your laptop or desk top doesn’t allow you to do this. It’s too awkward and it’s not available everywhere you are during the day.For example, if I get to an appointment 10 minutes early, instead of going in, I sit in my car or the lobby and call for new appointments. By being better prepared, you can call more people, see more people and sell more people.Finally, get a phone approach or a cold call script that works. Practice it over and over again enthusiastically. Then use the same one. Don’t try something new or different every time you approach a new prospect. A stuttering approach gathers no sales. It must be delivered enthusiastically and confidently. I do new approaches on the phone standing up. Why? You don’t sing sitting down. Standing, you are naturally more enthusiastic and confident.These 3 ideas will help you see more new people. If you have other ideas, e-mail me, I’d like to hear them!

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