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I Object to That!

Posted on: January 24

Author: Admin
I Object to That!

Emerson said, “The reasonable man attempts to adopt to the world, the unreasonable man attempts to adopt the world to himself. Therefore all progress is dependent upon the unreasonable man.”Every salesperson must be unreasonable because they are asking their prospect to change their world in some way. Never is there the need to be unreasonable greater than when the prospect gives you an objection. However, the trick is not to seem unreasonable. It’s one of the greatest paradox’s of sales.First, realize an objection is a buying sign. The prospect is saying, “Solve this issue or problem and I’ll buy.” For me, the sales process is 50% about uncovering the prospects real objection. It’s one of the reasons we use live people for sales and not written proposals. Trust me, your prospects can read.Second, use the formula every great sales trainer teaches, “Feel, Felt, Found”. The principle is when you hear an objection, harmonize with it first. Acknowledge the prospects objection “I know how you feel. This reduces the natural tension that exists between prospect and sales person especially at the moment the prospect voices their objection.Next, let the prospect know that they are not alone, that other people in the same situation felt the same way. You say, “Bill Jackson and many others  felt the same way before they bought.”  It’s important to say “Before they bought”. Now, the prospects are listening and have the weight of your other customers who changed their mind in front of them.Now,  answer the objection. The answer should be scripted and well-rehearsed. For example, if the objection is “your price is too high”, you might say “Bill, my customers buy for one of three reasons. Price, quality of the product or quality of the service. A Kia is less expensive than a Mercedes Benz but the quality of the product and the quality of the service are greatly different. Our company focuses on the quality of the product and the quality of the service. We’d rather explain our price once than apologize for service and the quality of the product forever. Because of our service and product, we actually consider our company the low cost provider.”Very important! Once you’ve answered the objection, you must ask an obligating question. Don’t stop with just the answer. Usually, I say something like this, “The next step is to decide on an implementation date. Would you rather start this month or in February?”This is the proven formula for handling objections. Thousands of salespeople have used this successfully. Here are a couple of other thoughts about objections first. A question is not an objection. If the prospect asks a question, answer it directly but don’t treat it as an objection. It makes you look defensive.Second, there are objections that aren’t real. They are spoken by the prospect because they don’t want to tell you the real objection or they want to get rid of you. In this case, you have to “invite the objection” so you can solve the prospects real issue. When I sense the objection is not real, I usually ask, “What bothers you the most about this idea, product, service, etc.” Usually this will get to the real objection and you can solve it.T.S. Elliot said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

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