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Laying Foundations for a Great Presentation with Attitude

Posted on: March 25

Author: Admin
Laying Foundations for a Great Presentation with Attitude

March 25, 2008Laying Foundations for a Great Presentation with AttitudeIn past newsletters, we’ve discussed – and I’m sure you agree with – these principles:· You believe in the law of averages.· You’ve set a high and low goal to increase your activity.· You’ve written it down.· You’ve told someone important about your goal.· You’ve set a time frame.· You’ve answered your own excuses.· You’ve committed to a plan to raise your activity with new prospects.Now, it’s time to move to the second pillar of success in the sales saga: The quality of your presentation.Attitude is IrrelevantEvery great performer knows that spectacular performance is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. So there are some foundations that must be laid for a great presentation. The first brick in the foundation is attitude. This may come as a surprise to you, but attitude does not necessarily determine results in sales. I’ve known hundreds of salespeople who go out and sell successfully with bad attitudes.Lynn’s best sales year was the year she interviewed for new jobs because she didn’t like the one she had. The number one salesperson in the door-to-door book business one summer -- out of several thousand students -- called his sales manager to quit every week because he didn’t like going door-to-door.It is possible to sell with a bad attitude. How? Success in sales is based on the number of people you see, the quality of your presentation, and the quality of your prospects. Great actors and actresses give great performances with bad attitudes and they give great performances when they are sick. On the other hand, a bad attitude can affect your results if you let it affect your effort and performance.Instead of harboring a bad attitude after hearing your tenth “no” of the day, or getting lost, or spilling coffee on your computer, try saying this little poem under your breath: “What’s behind the door I cannot tell, But I know the more I open, the more I sell.”You never know, it just might make you smile. And what’s the old saying: “Fake it ‘til you make it!”William James, a Harvard Psychologist, once said: “The mind can’t tell the difference between real and artificial stimulus.”If you tell yourself you feel healthy, happy, and terrific, you will feel healthy, happy, and terrific. James went on to say: “People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.”If you have attitude problems – and most of us do at some point – here are some thoughts to help you get a professional attitude as a foundation for a high quality presentation.I. Utilize AffirmationsUse positive affirmations. Olympic athletes use psychological conditioning and it works. They visualize themselves winning the race or breaking the record. What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.Here are some affirmations I’ve used and a few that other salespeople have shared with me over the years. Speak these aloud in front of the mirror or anytime you need a mental boost:· I feel healthy, happy, and terrific.· I can, I will, I am going to become the greatest salesperson in the history of the company.· I am nature’s greatest miracle. (From The Greatest Salesman in the World)· When the going gets tough, the tough get going.· I will go over, under, around, and through any obstacle that stands in my way.· I am the best.· Today opportunity knocks and I answer.· I dare to be great; I dare to create my future now.· Write it on your heart – today is the day, now is the time.You think these sound hokey? You don’t need these? Corny affirmations aren’t cool? I don’t think legendary Olympic athletes Carl Lewis, Marion Jones, Eric Heyden, or Mark Spitz were worried about getting their “cool cards” punched. They wanted to win Gold medals, and I hope you do too. Or at least the gold part.To Your Success,Tom

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