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My Second Language

Posted on: April 08

Author: Tom Black
My Second Language

People ask me if I speak any languages besides English. I do!  I speak Body Language.Every salesperson should be a student of body language, theirs and their prospects. Everybody on a sales call is sending a message with their body. Most sales people don't pay attention, but they should. Today let's talk about the sales person’s body language. So, as a sales person ask yourself what message do you want your body to send. Most sales people have never ask themselves that. From now on you should. I'd suggest you want to say, “I am dependable, predictable, honest and helpful”. Maybe there are other messages but let’s start with these.First,  lean forward when the prospect talks. This says you're interested and involved. Don't sit back in the chair. If you don't believe me just watch couples in a restaurant. You will see who's interested and who isn't.Second, be relaxed. Don't fidget and don't tap your fingers while the prospect is talking. This says I am  impatient and not interested. It may also say you’re not comfortable with your proposal or proposition. This is the last message you want to send.Third, look them in the eye. The eyes are the mirror of your soul. This is the best way to say, "I am honest dependable and interested in you ". Recently,  I heard that you should look at one eye and then the other. I've never done it but I am anxious to try it.Fourth, take notes. I start almost every meeting with a blank sheet of paper. Again,  what it says is, "I am interested and what you say is important ". Many times I only write one or two things down. It's the gesture,  not how much you write that counts.Fifth, sit in an open posture facing the prospect directly. An open posture says, "I have nothing to hide" and facing the prospect directly says, "I want to deal with you directly". It's been proven that this technique makes it easier to establish rapport and keep the conversation flowing. Closing up your body tends to close the conversation.Sixth, Smile!  Would you rather do business with some one that smiles or someone who frowns? Of course we love to be around someone that smiles. If you’re not a natural smiler, and most of us aren't, then practice!   Write yourself notes in your car, at home, on your pad. You want the prospect to say,  I want to business with them".Last, nod your head in an affirmative manner when the prospect talks. This encourages them to talk and puts you on their side of the desk or table instead of across the desk or table in an opposing position.So , for most of us none of this comes naturally. These things require concentration and practice. However, they can pay big dividends over the course of your career. Next,  we will talk about what the prospects body is saying. You can be bilingual too!

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