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Names Are Magic

Posted on: April 25

Author: Tom Black
Names Are Magic

Zig Zigglar said, “The most powerful force in selling is the 3rd party influence.” Brian Tracey said, “Names are magic!” I say “When you learn to use names properly, you will raise yourself a level higher on the ladder of great salespeople.”There are two types of names you should master (I assume you know your own name). First, the customer’s name. Most salespeople are uncomfortable using the prospects name. This is a comfort zone issue you must overcome. The prospects name is the most beautiful word your prospect can hear. Who doesn’t love to hear their name?Also, when you use the prospects name, you break down social barriers that naturally exist between strangers. Calling the prospects name makes you seem more familiar and more like the other people they work with and their family. By the way, most of your prospects co-workers and family call them by their first name, not Mr. or Mrs.This is important! When you use the prospects name, you hold their attention for seven seconds. That seems short but you can say a lot in seven seconds. When you want the prospects attention or you want to ask a question, you should use the prospects name. Whenever you can, you should use the prospects name. At first, it will feel uncomfortable but with practice, you will get used to it.The second name you should master is your customers names and not just your customers, your companies customers. Third party testimonials are invaluable. Your prospect can disagree with you but they can’t argue with a comment or testimonial from one of your customers.No matter what I’ve sold, I’ve found names and stories from customers work better than anything I could do. The first place to use names is when you build rapport. Nothing builds trust and breaks down sales barriers faster than finding someone in common with the prospect that you both know. When you are building rapport, use as many of your customers names as possible. Ten names are not too many.After you have established rapport but before you start explaining your product or service (if you can), present your prospect with a list, either verbally or better yet, in writing of your best customers. This, again, builds trust and lets your prospect know they won’t be alone if they buy. Nothing will open your prospects mind like seeing or hearing the names of people they know or know of that are your customers. This is the reason companies put testimonials and customer’s names on their web sites. It works!Finally, use your customer’s names when you answer or overcome objections. Before you answer your prospects objection, try this phrase’“Bill, I know how you feel. ABC Company, DEF and XYZ Companies all said the same thing before they moved forward with us.”Using names to overcome objections is a proven method to bring the weight of the third party influence to hear. These names let your prospect know how others have felt like they do and still bought. Try it!Using names requires memorization. It requires mental concentration and it requires practice. However, if you do these things your sales will increase. 

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