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Natural Comes With Practice

Posted on: January 29

Author: Admin
Natural Comes With Practice

January 2010This month we talk about sales skills.  Professionals leave their comfort zones.  Practice these sales skills and win!Natural Comes With PracticeAllow me to dispel a myth believed by many salespeople:  It is not unnatural to be enthusiastic.I’ve heard salespeople tell me, “It feels unnatural.”  Of course it does at first, but what’s natural about calling someone you don’t know or knocking on the door of a total stranger?  You must practice it until it becomes second nature to you.  Then it feels natural.Enthusiasm is not just a tone you portray in your presentation; it’s a lifestyle.  It works better if it’s just a part of your life.  It’s not something you can just practice in your professional life.  It is something you must practice in every aspect of life.  Don’t be the kind of person who brightens a room when you leave.  Brighten the room when you arrive.A good way to determine the level of enthusiasm you display is to measure your enthusiasm to your prospects’ level of interest.  It is very possible to overwhelm the prospect with too much enthusiasm.  It’s extremely rare, but if you’re in a presentation and your prospect is actually fighting your enthusiasm, lower yours until they get on board with you.  As a general rule of thumb, however, I’d much rather be too enthusiastic than not enthusiastic enough.  When you fix dinner for your friends, it is much better to have too much food than not enough.Look ‘Em In the EyeEye contact is a technique that seems so simple and just plain common sense, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted.  When you meet prospects for the first time or any time, shake hands and look them in the eye.  Catch their gaze for a moment.  This builds trust and shows confidence on your part.  No one buys from someone they don’t trust, and confidence on your part is transferred to the prospect.When you begin your presentation make sure that your visual aids don’t prevent eye-to-eye contact, especially when you ask questions.  When prospects ask you questions, look them in the eye.  This is really important.  When you ask someone a question and the person won’t look you in the eye, you don’t trust the response.The Power of a SmileA smile can often make more of an impact than a dictionary full of fancy words or phrases.  It is one of the most simple, yet most powerful physical gestures you possess.  I’ve often heard it said, “A smile is the nicest gift you can give someone.”I couldn’t agree more.  You should be smiling from the time you walk in the door until you leave.  Like enthusiasm, this should become a way of life.  We remember people who smile at us, and it can even make our day.  Kim Kirkpatrick was the most popular girl in my high school.  She wasn’t the prettiest or the smartest, but she had a smile for everyone, and it always brightened me up to see her flash a smile my way.My first summer selling books door to door, my sales manager, Sam Johnson, gave me a new technique to work on each week.“Make sure you smile in every approach and presentation,” he said during my fifth week on the job.  “Smile all the way through the demo and don’t stop smiling.”It seemed strange to me, but I was naïve enough to believe he knew what he was talking about.  So I did it, and it worked.  People bought more, and they smiled back.  My mouth was actually sore from smiling by the end of the week, but I soon got over that and have never stopped.  It’s very hard not a return a smile.  Try it.  You can have some fun.  People will wonder if they know you, or they’ll wonder what you’re up to.You don’t want to be like the man who got beat up outside the restaurant.  When the police came, they asked the man, “Can you describe the man who did this to you?”“That’s what I was doing when he hit me!” said the victim.A smile will disarm your prospect and make you feel better too.  Ask yourself: “Do I like people who smile better than those who don’t?”Again, it isn’t natural, but it’s a skill that can be learned. Learn it!To Your Success,Tom

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