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No One Said It Would Be Easy

Posted on: November 30

Author: Admin
No One Said It Would Be Easy

November 2009This month we talk about academy award winning presentations.  Would your sales presentation win an academy award?  Read on!No One Said It Would Be EasyIn building a fantastic presentation, you must adopt equally solid sales techniques.  Every great professional develops special techniques that are not natural.  In tennis, no one naturally holds the racquet on the backhand like the pros.  Golf requires unnatural grips and swings as well.  Lawyers learn negotiation and questioning techniques that are not natural.  If you’re a religious person, you know sometimes your faith requires unnatural behavior.  In the medical field it goes without saying that there is a learned behavior required.Don’t use the “It doesn’t feel natural” excuse.  Demand excellence of yourself and this does not happen naturally.Sales techniques are really just good communication skills.  Somehow techniques have gotten a bad rap because people classify them as “tricky”.  As long as you truly and sincerely believe the prospect will benefit from your product at the price you’re asking, then there is no trickery.  As long as there is nothing but truth as you know it in your communication, then there is no trickery.  You must be the best communicator you can.  Your prospects know you are not here to save the dolphins.  Your goal with these techniques is to make it easy to buy.Enthusiasm is “In”Let’s talk about some specifics that great salespeople use to make the sale.  Enthusiasm is critical.  Remember in our definition of selling that sales involves a transference of feeling.  If there is no enthusiasm in your voice, there can be no real transference of feeling.  Some consider women to be instinctually better at this than men.  Men learn from an early age that it’s not cool to be enthusiastic.However, companies don’t pay salespeople to get their “cool cards” punched.  You’re paid to make sales, and enthusiasm is important to that process.Greg Daily is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know and worth well over $100 million dollars.  For more than 20 years I’ve always heard him answer a simple question the same way.“Greg, how’s it going?” someone would ask.“Fantastic!” Greg would say.  Every time.Trust me, it’s not always fantastic for Greg, but he recognizes the power of enthusiasm.Enthusiasm is created in a number of ways.  One way is through your vocabulary.  When people ask me how I’m doing, I say, “Healthy, happy, and terrific!”How do you answer that question?  Start being enthusiastic in your answer to this basic question.A second way to be enthusiastic is to use words that force you to be enthusiastic, words like:• Great!• Fantastic!• Awesome!• Wow!• Magnificent!• Amazing!• Tremendous!• Outstanding!• Unbelievable!• Wonderful!• Excellent!These words make you sound enthusiastic and are hard to say with any conviction without creating some enthusiasm in your voice.  If you’re not enthusiastic naturally, then focus on it, and practice using these words and others.  If you act enthusiastic, you’ll become enthusiastic.To Your Success,Tom

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