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Outsmart 'Em

Posted on: April 30

Author: Admin
Outsmart 'Em

April 2010This month we talk about outsmarting our competitors.  No need to fear competition...it's good for business!  Know your market and be prepared for opportunities that arise.  Possess the ability to spot unmet customer needs, be enthusiastic, and always have a thoughtful plan to put into immediate action.Outsmart ‘EmThree stores on the main street in town stood side by side. They all sold the same type of merchandise. One day the owner of the store at one end put up this sign: ROCK BOTTOM PRICES.This prompted the storekeeper at the other end to hang up a sign reading: LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN.The owner of the store in the middle was thrown by these aggressive maneuvers until he had a bright idea. He put up his own sign, which proclaimed: MAIN ENTRANCE.Like the owner in the story you must find a way to write “Main Entrance” on your product line or service. There is always a way to outsmart the competition.Bite Your TongueKnow your competition, but never cuss or bad-mouth them. Competition makes you better and ultimately helps the customers win. And, unless the customer is winning, ultimately none of us as salespeople will win.Can you imagine Pete Sampras winning fourteen Grand Slam tennis tournaments without Andre Agassi or Jim Courier? Of course not! Your competition will drive you to new heights of performance and service.Get Organized… and Give Yourself a RaiseGreat presentations also come from having organized materials. I’ve actually been in several presentations with salespeople where the prospect was ready to buy, and there was no contract or order to be found. The salespeople would say things such as: “I gave my last brochure away yesterday, and I forgot my proposals when I left the house.”I’ve even heard: “Oh, I left my material at my last sales call.”Can you imagine a great attorney showing up at court to file a motion without the motion; or a doctor in surgery saying he left his scalpel at home; or a preacher saying he forgot his Bible? We would all find those funny, ridiculous, or impossible. But many times, that’s exactly what salespeople do.My friend, Keith Pitts, is the CFO of a large hospital chain, and he always says: “The devil’s in the details.”Going without all your material to a sales call is like playing golf without all your clubs. Sometimes you need the four-iron to win the round.If you’re gone from your home or office for a day or a week, or even longer, make sure you have enough materials to get you back to the office or your home.To Review• Use names to build rapport and credibility with your prospects.• Know your competition to help maximize your performance and achieve the goals you have set.• Learn your industry well and know your competition.Stay organized! A messy salesperson is an inefficient salesperson.To your success,Tom

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