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Success is Never Owned, It’s Only Rented

Posted on: February 13

Author: Admin
Success is Never Owned, It’s Only Rented

If we ask 100 salespeople how many want to be successful, 100 will say “Yes, I do”. Yet, we know that by age 65 only 3 of the 100 will be able to pay their own bills. 97 will be dependent upon their family, the government, charity, their church or some other form of support.It’s not that the 100 at 25 years old planned to fail, they failed to plan. I recently read that only 49% of working adults had over $2,000 in a savings account or any account other than a personal checking account. I doubt that the percentages for sales people would be much higher.Some people tell me money isn’t important. I know those people will lie about other things as well. I am not talking about super wealth, I am talking about paying your own expenses when you quit working. Of those 100 I mentioned, about 2 will be wealthy, 1 will be financially independent.Here’s some ideas that will help you not only get to the finish line with money in the bank, but also make more money along the way. First, get a definition of your own personal success. I got mine from Earl Nightingale. He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream.”That definition worked for me. It doesn’t say you have to be the richest, the best looking, have the biggest house or the nicest car.It just says that each day you are moving toward your own personal goal or dream. If you don’t have your own personal definition of your success, get one. Write it down, carry it with you and look at it often.Second, I’ve added this to my definition; Success is never owned, it’s only rented. The rent is due every day. When you stop paying the rent on success, you’ve begun paying the rent on failure. Success in sales is a down escalator; if you stand still you go backwards. Yesterday’s success’ lull us into today’s complacency and that ultimately leads to tomorrows failures.Third, I’ve added this too, there is a secret to success in sales and here’s the secret. Successful sales people form the habit of doing the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do or know how to do. By the way, it’s not just true in sales but in every profession.Bill Russell was the greatest professional basketball player of all time. He is the only professional basketball player that has won 11 world championships. In fact, he’s the only professional athlete in any sport to win 11 world championships. That’s hockey, soccer, baseball, football and all the others. In addition, he was the MVP 5 times and when they hand out the MVP award for the best player in the championship series, it’s called the Bill Russell Trophy.Here’s what Bill said about the secret to success, “The first part is easy. You come on at 6’8” with a good pair of hands. The rest is hard work every day. There is always some hot, young player to test your skills. He wants it as badly as you. He’s watched your films and he knows your moves. Your success only comes from working harder than him.”Start applying these ideas today and you’ll sell more and be more, than you ever dreamed possible.

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