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The Art of Enthusiasm

Posted on: August 22

Author: Tom Black
The Art of Enthusiasm

The first definition I was given of selling was transference of feeling about a product, idea or service.” I was told nobody will be more excited than you are about your products or services.If we got to profile who we did business with we would all pick someone who’s enthusiastic over someone’s who’s not enthusiastic.  And yet this very important “sales technique” is widely ignored.In my training classes I try to get people to be more enthusiastic. It’s like pulling teeth. Yet, I know what Zig Ziglar said is right. “For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.”I think there are two comfort zone issues everyone must overcome to be more enthusiastic. First, some sales people say. “I don’t feel myself when I’m overly enthusiastic. I am afraid the prospect will think I am faking it”. Yes, there are those of you that are so bad at being enthusiastic, that your customers will see through you if you fake it. The only way to fix this is to keep practicing until you don’t appear “fake”.The only alternative is to stay where you are. Remember, “a rut is just a grave with the ends knocked out”. If you can’t come up with your own technique to get more enthusiastic, here are two. First, start using words which display enthusiasm. Words like fantastic, tremendous, awesome, wow, great, spectacular, and fabulous. You probably don’t use these words now, but you should write them out on a card and carry it with you. Tape it up in your car. You won’t get your friends and family to punch your cool card for this but you will make more sales.Second, describe to someone the most exciting thing in your life. Hopefully, you have something you’re excited about. Now remember how you sound. Start using that voice when you describe your product or service.Next time you’re watching T.V. try to find a commercial where the actors or actresses are unenthusiastic. Trust me they are not naturally that enthusiastic. They do it because it SELLS! We are naturally attracted to people that are enthusiastic. Make it your goal to be that kind of person.Remember, the word enthusiasm traces its roots to the Greek word “Enthousiasmos” which means “divine inspiration”, “To be inspired or possessed by a god, be rapt, be in ecstasy”. Yes the early Greeks knew the power of enthusiasm. It was so powerful they thought it came from the Gods.The second comfort zone issue we face is the desire and commitment to change what we’ve been doing for our whole career. So many of us succumb to the effects of enthusiasm everyday but we won’t use the power ourselves.It is the easiest of communication skills to see but one of the most difficult to embrace. The beginning of the solution to any problem is the recognition of the problem. If you can raise your level of enthusiasm and you don’t, then you have a problem.Next, develop a plan to change. I’ve given you some suggestions and you can add your own to these. Finally, stick with the plan. If you’re like me and others I’ve known, you will forget or you will get side tracked. That’s natural. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Remember if you act enthusiastic, you’ll become enthusiastic!

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