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The Power of the Mind

Posted on: December 18

Author: Admin
The Power of the Mind

December 18, 2007Good afternoon!Please remember to check the website, http://tomblackcenter.com, regarding our Mega Success Conference with Tom and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen, in Nashville on Thursday, April 21, 2008, at Opryland Hotel. Tickets are going fast – be sure to get yours soon!Also on our website, check out the link to Tom’s video interview, Teaching People A Winning Sales Process, with the founder of Selling Power magazine, Mr. Gerhard Gschwandtner. This is a great opportunity to pick up some important tips and sales techniques.Look for our new books and products coming out in 2008…Happy Holidays to you and yours!***********************************************The Power of the MindNow you have the goal of increasing your number of presentations, but how do you do it? I don’t believe in hocus-pocus or magical spells, but I do believe strongly in the power of the mind. If you have done this goal setting process as I described it, then your mind will begin to figure out a way to get it done.But your mind needs your help, so let’s get into some specific actions for setting and reaching your goals. If you’re making appointments to give presentations as opposed to cold calling, then you must make even more phone calls for those appointments. Here are three ideas I’ve taught to my sales organizations to set more phone appointments and increase your activity: I. The Power of the Prospect ListAh, the prospect list. I required every salesperson to have a list of 50 new prospects at all times. The list can be typed or handwritten. Each entry should include the company name, the individual contact name, and the phone number. The list must be on an actual hard copy piece of paper. Why? Computers are wonderful, but I’ve never seen salespeople calling from their laptops a 100 percent of the time. I’m sure there are exceptions; but you need a list on a piece of paper. With a tangible list, you can call from anywhere any time you have down time: In a waiting room, on a plane, in the car, from the bathroom, you get the idea. A salesperson without a prospect list of potential new customers is soon unemployed. In the door-to-door book business, at each doorstep we asked for the neighbors’ names and wrote them all down. This was our prospect list. In the banking services business, salespeople generally had 200 community banks to call on annually, and 50 of those remained on a call list at all times.Here are a couple of other examples of prospect lists:New agents for Northwestern Mutual are required to have 25 new leads a week to feed into their pipeline. They are required to ask for referrals during the week while giving presentations, and each morning they are expected to call on these referrals for two-hour or three-hour blocks of time.At one regional bank, sales people use a software program that generates no fewer than ten new leads a day for each bank officer based on the day’s transactions. This ensures that prospect lists never dry up.Patty, an Irish American friend of mine, was coming out of his Parish church and saw his friend, Mike. “How did it go?” Mike asked Patty. “I got excommunicated for six months,” said Patty.“That’s terrible!” said Mike. “What happened?”“It’s not that bad,” said Patty. “I told the priest I’d committed adultery with a married woman. The priest asked me who it was. I said,‘I can’t tell ya that.’“The Priest asked, ‘Was it Mrs. O’Reilly then?’ I told him ‘no.’”“He said, ‘Was it Mrs. O’Connor?’ I said ‘no.’”“He said if I didn’t tell him he was going to kick me out. I pleaded, ‘Father, I can’t.’ He said, ‘Was it Mrs. O’Shanasee?’ I said ‘no.’” Then he said, ‘Well alright, you’re excommunicated for six months.’”Again Mike said, “That’s terrible.”“It’s not that bad,” said Patty. “The way I see it I got six months vacation and three good leads.” However you get them, every salesperson must have leads.II. The Power of Time BlockingThe second idea for getting in more phone approaches, which naturally leads to more appointments and presentations, is blocking time for phone calls. Most of us have different degrees of call reluctance. Calling a new prospect is usually low on everyone’s list, so people use creative avoidance to justify doing other things.I worked with a salesperson in the banking industry who easily put in 60 hours per week. Banks aren’t even open that much, but someone he never found time for new appointments. He was a very hard working salesperson who spent all his time with the existing customer base. He just couldn’t make himself call on new prospects.To help reach the goal of making more phone calls to new prospects, you’ve got to block your time. The system I’ve found works best is this:Write it on your calendar.Find a quiet place and close the door. (This can even be your car.)Be ready when it’s time to call. Do you have your phone approach ready? Do you have your calendar? Do you have your prospect list prepared? All of these things make your time more efficient and remove some of the psychological barriers to calling new prospects. By blocking your time, you put yourself in a place to win.To your success,Tom

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