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Visualize Success

Posted on: August 25

Author: Admin
Visualize Success

August 25, 2009Hey guys,This month we talk about commitment.  A goal once set – then death or victory.  Set goals and then don’t allow yourself excuses.

Visualize Success, then Crystallize It

My third summer on the bookfield selling books door-to-door, I decided I wanted to be the number one salesperson. My sales manager encouraged me to do this, and I am sure that he and all the other 25 sales managers were encouraging salespeople on their teams to do the same.This fact didn’t even dawn on me at the time, but I realize that now. Before that summer started, I went through the following exercise. Let me tell you, it worked! I became the number one salesperson in the company.The summer before, I had sold to approximately 1,000 customers. After crunching some numbers, I determined that my average customer bought roughly $40 worth of books. I then factored in the fact that the top salesperson the previous summer sold about $45,000 worth of books. According to the numbers, to beat the top salesperson from the summer before, I was going to have to sell 125 more customers or raise my average sale to $45 per customer. I could have just worked one and a half more weeks in the summer and got the same results because I was selling about 80 customers per week. However, I didn’t want to get back to school late, so that wasn’t an option.Here is what my goals for that summer looked like:Timeframe: 12 weeksHigh Goal:  100 customers per week (average sale $45)$4500 per week / $750 per dayCalculations: 12 weeks x 100 customers= 1200 customers with $54,000 in sales (which would be a new company record at that time)Low Goal:  Beat the previous year’s top salesperson by $1It’s crucial to put it on paper just as I did and visualize the goals. You see, although I set the goal to be number one – a noble and ambitious goal – I had to follow the same results formula to get to where I was going.Over the years as a sales manager, countless salespeople have told me their goal was to be number one – but those weren’t real goals. They sounded great and resolute, but there was no planning or crystallization to make the goals happen. As the poet Robert Browning said: “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s heaven for?”I didn’t set my goal to be number one “if” my car didn’t break down – because it did. I didn’t set my goal to be number one “if” I didn’t get sick – because I did. I didn’t set my goal to be number one “if” I didn’t run out of sales territory – because I did. I didn’t set my goal to be number one “if” my roommates didn’t quit – because they did.I set my goal to be number one despite my circumstances.To Your Success,Tom  

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