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Why Should Anyone Buy From Me?

Posted on: January 24

Author: Admin
Why Should Anyone Buy From Me?

Every salesperson must ask themselves “Why should the prospect buy from me?” It’s a fair question. Despite ourselves, some people will buy just because of our product or service. However, we need more than just the “gimme’s”.Most people choose a product or service based on three things: The quality of the product, the quality of the service and the price. Why is this important to consider? Because unless you’re reading this in North Korea, you have competition. The prospect is considering those three things about the competition too.This leads us to the concept of your “Value Proposition”.  A value proposition is your statement that does two things. First, it tells the prospect why to do business with you. Second, it differentiates you from the competition.Let’s talk about these three elements of your “Value Proposition”. Price is easy. Is your product or service a good value for the money? Can you state that clearly? For example, “the return on investment from our product or service is easily over 100%”, or “The enjoyment you will receive from this far outweighs the price”, or , “Most people spend much more than that each week on Starbucks or soda.”The second part of your description of price deals with the competition.  “Our price is the lowest in the industry (don’t you wish), or “Our price is never the lowest but we’re always competitive”, or, “We’d rather explain our price vs. the competition’s price once than apologize for the quality over the lifetime of the product.”The second element is the “quality of the product or service”.  Use the same formula. “All of our customers love the quality of our product above everything else” or “One thing stands out about our product and that’s the quality.” Now, the competitive comparison.  “Over and over again, our customers say we have the highest quality product in the market”, or, “The reason we’re growing faster (or we’re larger) is because of the quality of our product vs. the competition.”Again, you have to verbalize this. Write it out first then memorize it and practice enthusiastically. A stuttering voice gathers no sales.Finally, quality of your customer service. How would you rate you and your organization or company’s service?  Is it “unbelievable” or is it “criminal”. Let’s hope it’s at least what’s expected. Again, try this, “We give unbelievable service because whatever problem you encounter, I will solve it. All companies have customer service issues. The mark of a great company is how they solve those issues. I will be there for you to make sure it gets fixed.”So many sales people say “We give great service”. That falls on deaf ears with the prospect. Every sales person says that. So, you have to differentiate your great service from the competition. “Unlike some of our competitors, we give unbelievable service because I take personal responsibility for your service.” This personal commitment to service with your prospect usually differentiates you from the competition.So, put your value proposition together and make sure every prospect hears it clearly and persuasively. Remember, what you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

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