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april nFocus issue_tomblack

Posted on: July 24

Author: Admin
april nFocus issue_tomblack

“Is this the Boxcar Millionaire?”
Chicken Soup for the Soul, Art Linkletter and Tom Black come together for one dynamic day of inspiration
by Beth Alexander

Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which along with dozens of Chicken Soup iterations has sold more than 144 million copies, Mark Victor Hansen is looking forward to coming back to Nashville. His April 17 seminar, Building Your Mega Success: Take a Day to Invest in Yourself, will take place at the Presidential Ballroom of Opryland Hotel and will also feature powerful presentations not only from Mark, but from famed and beloved television icon Art Linkletter (author of 28 books, from Kids Say the Darndest Things to How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life) and long-time Nfocus columnist, entrepreneur and oenophile Tom Black.

Tom has been a significant player in several well-timed IPOs, was the founder and CEO of Private Business and is now the CEO of Bancsource, Inc. “Tom is exploding,” Mark says, “in terms of what he offers in salesmanship and entrepreneurship. He is the classic rags-to-riches story, started out selling books door-to-door, became their highest salesperson and then their best trainer.” Mark packs a lot into a sentence, skipping over unnecessary descriptors and barreling on to his next point. My advice: If you’re coming to the seminar, brush up on your shorthand.

A friend sent Mark a copy of Tom’s book, The Boxcar Millionaire. “Mark called me on my cell phone when I was in the airport on my way to France,” Tom says. “I ducked into a men’s room to get away from the announcements and noise, and his first words were, ‘Is this the Boxcar Millionaire?’ From there, I flew out to meet with him. We formed a partnership, and he asked to publish my book.”

According to Tom, the seminar will provide “motivation, inspiration and education, with takeaways that anyone can apply to their own lives. Most people spend thousands of dollars every year on technology, but never invest even $1,000 in their own personal development.” Mark Victor Hansen bills it as an invitation to spend a little time making your life fuller, more meaningful, more romantic, more successful. “It’s about how to make yourself into a masterpiece,” he says. Tom will share his proven sales success system, along with applicable sales, marketing and entrepreneurship strategies in a segment titled, “Think, Act and Sell Like an Entrepreneur: Multi-Millionaire Secrets of Business Success.”

Art Linkletter, an abandoned orphan in Saskatchewan, grew up to befriend presidents and host TV shows on three major networks. Now 95, his latest collaboration with Mark (they’ve trained together for more than 30 years) is a love letter to baby boomers, How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, printed by Thomas Nelson with sales in the millions of copies. “He’s totally against letting people age and retire,” says Mark. “He is the most smoking guy I know. He’s building the world’s biggest planetarium in Myrtle Beach, he has 38 great-grandkids, and he’s heading up Alzheimer’s research because of his friendship with Reagan. People come up to him and say, ‘You look like Art Linkletter, but he’s been dead a long time!’”

Four Mega Success seminars are planned per year, Tom says. “Art Linkletter wants us to do one per month, but not everybody has as much energy as he does.”
Mark will attack (that’s how he speaks) the power of focus. He cites Pareto’s Principle, the 80/20 rule, as old-fashioned thinking. “We’re saying one percent determines the other 99 percent. I’m going to show people how to do this, so that what they are doing is highly profitable.” Human beings began as hunter/gatherers, he says, then moved into the agricultural age, then the industrial age, then the computer age. We’re now entering the conceptualization age of intellectual property. We may be facing tough times, “but there are brand new opportunities out there, and we have to wake up to them and conquer” current negative economic indicators. “The recession will only hurt those who aren’t awake,” he says.

Mark Victor Hansen has an evergreen mind. Aged 60, he says, “I’ve been doing this for 34 years and have another 60 or 70 to go. We had a neuroscientist in here last week who said that when you scan the brain, it’s either red,if it’s dying, or blue if it’s still growing. We’re here to be learning machines; we’re knowledge workers, and I am learning at a full-time level. I’ve never learned so much so fast!”

The average American has a vocabulary of about 1,500 words he says, maintaining that “you can’t think any deeper than your vocabulary.” With an elastic, growing vocabulary, you can convey messages more accurately and more powerfully. “Words give you a level of discernment,” Mark says. “What I’ll be teaching is how to use focus to create your fortune. Everyone has a fortune inside that is invisible until they come to a seminar like this one. People will realize, ‘I’ve been sitting on my personal power!’”

Other presenters at the all-day seminar are Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning, and Loral Langemeier, who wrote The Millionaire Maker, each of whom have equally impressive portfolios of achievement. On April 16, all the presenters will come together for a special dinner at Sunset Grill to benefit two local nonprofit groups. If you’d like for a little of the magic of this infectious group of overachievers to rub off on you, for just $1,500 per couple you can be a part of something pretty spectacular. And if you’re a wine-lover, you know that when Tom Black is involved, the vino is top flight, as well.

Mark recently visited Andrew Carnegie’s home, now the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, a 60,000-square-foot, 64-room mansion, at 91st and Fifth Avenue in New York. Understandably awed, he said Carnegie’s favorite quotes were painted on the walls of his library/study between the frieze and the ceiling—such thoughts as, “No man can get rich without enriching all others,” and, “The gods send thread for the web begun.”
If you’ve begun your web, there’ll be plenty of thread—and plenty of inspiration—at the Mega Success Seminar on April 17. For information on tickets, visit

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