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PRESS RELEASE: Ordre Des Coteaux Promotions - May 2010

Posted on: June 21

Author: Tom Black
PRESS RELEASE: Ordre Des Coteaux Promotions - May 2010

For Immediate Release

June 17, 2010, Reims, France – The Ordre Des Coteaux Has Recently Announced Promotions for Three Americans; Bruce Fingerett, Todd McGowan, and Tom Black.  Bruce Fingerett and Todd McGowan Were Inducted into The Order as Chevaliers.  Tom Black, a Member for Over 11 years Was Promoted to The Office of Chambellan.  Only a Handful of Americans Have Ever Received this Designation and it Truly Sets Tom Black Apart as One of America’s True Champagne Authorities.

Tom Black has been given numerous rewards in the food and wine world.  Being a member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux, on the National Board of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and an officer in the Order de Conteaux separates him from most gastronomiques.

Unlike other champagne wine fraternities, which confine themselves to the promotion of a particular “cru” or variety of grape, the very special feature of the ORDRE DES COTEAUX DE CHAMPAGNE, is that it extols the wines of Champagne in general and in their diversity.

The role of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne is to promote the wines of Champagne, their unique features, their ways of consumption and everything which contributes to their reputation and their image as the most prestigious symbol of success and celebration.

Around 1650, young aristocrats at the court of Louis the XIVth, amongst whom were Mortemart, Ollonne, Brousse and the satirist Saint-Evremont, founded an elegant academy dedicated to good wines. They were all famous wine connoisseurs and were particularly fond of the champagne wines from the three "coteaux" (hillsides) Ay, Avenay and Hautvillers. Hence the name given to this association "Ordre des Coteaux". It disappeared shortly before the revolution.

In 1956 a group of "champenois" led by Roger Gaucher and Francois Tatittinger in particular, who did the historical research, decided to revive the original "Ordre des Coteaux". The first champagne firms to open their doors to the new Order were TAITTINGER, LAURENT-PERRIER, MERCIER and MUMM.

Since 1956, four thousand members have joined the Order, headquartered in the Champagne province of France.

Pierre-Emmanual Taittinger, the current Commandeur of the organization says, “The Ordre des Coteaux has several thousand members worldwide and celebrates the unique place Champagne holds in the world”.

Tom Black says, “I never set out to get all this recognition in the food and wine world.  I only set out to be informed”.  As Tom’s friend, Michael Broadbent says, “The aristocrat of the table, the gentleman of the cellar…the deeply knowledgeable, is rarely, if ever, a snob”.

For more information on Tom, visit: www.tomblackwine.com and www.tomblack.com

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