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Boxcar Millionaire Success Quotes for Daily Living

Boxcar Millionaire Success Quotes for Daily Living



These quotes have been gathered by me for me.  I have used them in newsletters, motivational speeches, sales training and for my own companies’ sales people.  My goal in assembling them was to share them with you and others so their inspirational messages could be turned to quickly.  Many sales people tell me that starting their day with a quote from this book is motivational.

When you are up to your butt in alligators it is easy to forget you came to drain the swamps.  These little messages help us focus on the bigger purpose.  I hope they will do for you what they have done for me.  They help me realize I was the captain of my destiny not at the mercy of Lady Luck and that great things are only achieved with great sacrifices.  The universe will deliver what you ardently believe and act upon.