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My new book, Doing Business at the Table, is out and ready to ship
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Doing Business at the Table

Doing Business at the Table



Tom Black spells out the professional mindset and behavior that will help you outshine and outperform your competition, build an enviable portfolio of customers, and achieve extraordinary

financial success.

Lunch and dinner meetings have always been an effective way to connect with prospects and clients and provide an intimate platform for presenting your products and services.

Doing Business at the Table defines the business-relationship techniques that will help you:

  • Present credible, persuasive leadership skills that will influence your prospects and turn them into loyal, valuable customers.
  • Organize and host a lunch or dinner meeting, entertain your guests with finesse, and effectively sell your products or services.
  • Impress your prospects and clients with your dining etiquette, self-assured presence, and basic knowledge of wine and food at an upscale restaurant.
  • Effectively deal with unforeseen meeting interruptions, restaurant problems, and disgruntled clients.