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Thank you Tom.  After you exited the meeting we rehashed some of the content you provided.

Even with all the sales veterans in the room, everybody walked away with having learned something new - including me.

Further proof, you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Anthony Bruneau

General Sales Manager, MS Walker - Rhode Island

One of the most challenging aspects of my role in the last several years has been to find a way to keep our sales guys and our managers positive even though our industry has been in a horrible downturn. Tom's involvement with our company last year helped our guys focus on what they could control and helped them stay positive and that definitely helped contribute to our having a very good year in a incredibly tough business climate. We are both proud and grateful for the success we have had in these tough times and I wanted to thank Tom again for getting involved and for showing an interest in helping us be successful.

Brad Blevins


Blevins, Inc.

Since I started working with Tom in April of last year my sales have gone up over 3X and I have been able to bring on two more employees.  His ability to understand my business and adapt strategies to my personality and needs has been instrumental to my growth.  His tried and true approach to sales and business management is what every entrepreneur needs to take their business to the next level.  I cannot recommend Tom enough.

Paulina Beck

Tax Strategist, Beckenson Financial LLC

Through the process of working with Tom, I developed an appreciation for selling as a skill and an art. Like anything else done well, it clearly requires hard work and practice, but Tom's exercises and strategies pave the way for success. I don’t think I will ever be a “Tom Black” level of salesperson, but I now can approach a sales challenge with confidence knowing that I have a strategy that works.

Jane Cleveland

Principal, Managing Director

Centaur Equities, LLC

Thank you for your time and wisdom over these last few sessions.  The sessions really resonated with the sales team here and based on feedback we received after the training, they really enjoyed their time with you.

Thank you again for all your efforts on this project and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Dan Doherty

Learning & Corporate Development Specialist - M.S. Walker, Inc.

I really want to thank Tom for taking time to be at our sales rally last Thursday. His message was simple, heartfelt, and powerful. So many of our teammates thanked Debbie, David and me for having him on the agenda. He really made an impact. The values that Tom articulated are the ones that we embrace at Suntrust. Tom brought a fresh perspective to them, which was re-enforcing of their importance.

I hope our paths cross again soon. I want to thank Tom for the positive impact he has had on me throughout my careers. It’s such a blessing to have people like Tom impact folks like me in the community.


Pat Campbell

Senior Vice President, Not-for-profit & Government Banking

STI Institutional & Governmental, INC.

When I started working with Tom, my sales were ~$6,000 per month of recurring business.  I needed help getting more business and growing the firm.  After working with Tom for only 7 months now, my sales went up to $30,000, that's a 400% increase.  I'm still on a growth path to $80,000 monthly recurring in the next 6 months.  As a CFO I try to get my clients to get these results in their businesses.  Tom has been instrumental in his sales/operation process recommendations to help a start-up accounting firm like mine get off and thriving.  His direction and his advice is always on point and perfect for the business case.  He will help any business get all the right people, right processes in place to scale their businesses.  He will make sure you get the work done one way or another, without excuses.  I have never worked with someone so good as he is.  I definitely attribute his guidance and direction to where I am today in my business and my mentality about running a business.  Don't hesitate to work with him.

Romeo Clarke

President & CEO, Clarke CPA & Accounting PLLC

Hiring Tom as a business coach was the best decision I've made.  He has helped my business become more productive, efficient, and profitable.  While working with him, my revenue has increased over 200%!  He is a game changer.

Gabriela Lira

Realtor, Compass RE

Tom is highly professional, expert, and practical in his sales consultation and training. I recommend him for any company looking to develop systems, process, and strategy for their sales team. His historical personal and business success overcomes traditional issues with sales personnel “believing” in a “consultant”. Tom is very experienced, very successful and is very able to train and inspire sales teams of any company.

Shawn Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Uniguest, Inc.

No doubt his sales successes over his career have prepared Tom to present his information to many levels of sales professionals. Personally, I have attended sales training seminars and lunch presentations for over 20 years. I found Tom's information provided several new perspectives on age-old challenges as well as some vibrant reminders of things that should be done daily but may have been overlooked in time.

I would recommend Tom's book and presentation to any group that is seeking to motivate and educate their sales team on both the basics and also new tactics to grow their sales. Please feel free to give my name to anyone who requests a reference. 

Cindy Houston Hazen

Sales Executives President

NASP Programs Co-Chair

Wow! What an amazing presentation today at Rutherford CABLE. Tom truly has a gift for storytelling, engaging the audience and driving key points to the group. I was inspired by his thoughts and anxious to read his book. Thank you again for gifting us with your time.

Paula Mansfield


Rutherford Cable

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom this afternoon. Tom is truly more than I had anticipated. His comments and advice have re-aligned me and put me back on track!!! Unlike many others out there, he provides real steps of action, not just platitudes. I would recommend Tom to any individual or business interested in improving their business.


Lynette Rutledge

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Travelers Service International, LLC

I thoroughly enjoyed Tom's training. I have been through a lot of training, read dozens of books and listen to even more CD’s. Tom's was superb and unique. I took a lot out of it and look forward to putting it into action.

Jeff Weese


Tom Black has changed the way we think about our sales team. Our sales are up 15% in just 5 months!

Mark Filaroski



Tom Black was the keynote speaker at our most recent team sales rally. He was amazing! He kept us thoroughly entertained with his ability to induce practical sales techniques with laughter, and he does it all in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Some of my team is new to sales and some of us have been selling for years. Regardless of where we are in our selling careers, what Tom has to say is right on the money! I found myself shaking my head in agreement without even realizing it. He captivated us and motivated us to sell more through his proven system for selling.

If he can make millions through these techniques, then we can too! I highly recommend Tom as a motivator, a mentor, and a speaker. We bought a copy of his book, The Boxcar Millionaire for all our top sales producers.

Kitty Barrow

Executive Director


Tom, one of your best articles to date. Been emphasizing service to our staff for years, can't wait for them to read and discuss your impressions. Wishing you continued years of health and wealth. 

Tommy J Ducklo, OD

Optometric Physician

Ducklo EyeCare

Wow, I didn't expect a message from you today! I can't tell you how much your book has helped me. It's my secret weapon I tell everyone who will listen all about!

Thank you for the extra boost of motivation this Thursday!

Greg Coale

Trade Credit Insurance Consultant

Euler Hermes North America

Thank you very much for the note. I can't tell you how much your two programs impacted me. I thought I was very good at cold calling until I went to the first boot camp. Your script works and I use it daily. I am glad Euler invested in having you teach us how to be successful.

The retention boot camp has been great for me as well. I completed it last year and since then I made it a priority to touch every policyholder monthly via cell phone. I have had 100% renewal since then and I can attribute that to the things you taught me.

Thanks again for the note it really means a lot!

Nick Fow

Agent/ Central Region

Euler Hermes

The cliff notes version is that Tom is a great sales trainer with a message that works. He's insightful and chances are you'll be hard pressed to present a scenario that he can't relate to. 

Pearson Talbert

Chief Development Officer

Aegis Health Group, Inc.

Please allow me to take a minute to express my gratitude to you for the seminar for non-profit organizations at the Marriott. Your willingness to play a role in "giving back to the community" is most impressive.

I attended your event because I was feeling a need to get some fresh ideas and obtain a more clear focus on achieving my goals. Your presentation covered exactly what I needed!

As my thank you gift to you, I want to share a quote from my sister-in-law who has a head full of adages and proverbs. She is an amazing woman to listen to, and she has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my life. This is one you can easily fit into your presentations, as it is appropriate to surviving change in today's climate.

Her quote is "blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape."

Thank you for your time you devoted to reaching out to the organizations who are charged with the responsibility of aiding people who are not totally capable of helping themselves.

Diane Dietrich

Director of Development

United Cerebral Palsy

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. I feel that in the short time together I learned valuable skills that will help me advance my sales career tremendously. Being a new salesman is tough, but with the advice and tactics you gave us, I sleep just a little better knowing if I practice my approach the sky is the limit.

Jeremy Wright

Treasury Services Officer

TriSummit Bank

Great presentation. I wondered how you would take a topic like habits, which on the surface seems dry and boring, and make it fresh, but you delivered a home run!

You are entertaining, thoughtful in your presentation, and hit the key points we were looking at.


Carl Roberts



Tom was awesome today! I have heard nothing but great feedback all day from students. He reinforced everything I have been telling them so far this term about how to think about revenue forecasting for their business plans. Can't wait to have you back!

Jeffrey Cornwall, D.B.A.

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Belmont University

Take 30 seconds looking in any direction and you're overwhelmed with options of personal & professional development. I had the fortunate opportunity to join Tom at a speaking event for Nashville youth where his message kept distracted kids engaged and in a state of learning for close to an hour.

On a second opportunity, I was asked to join Tom for a private dinner with a wine maker by the owner of a local restaurant. His knowledge of wine & food was both impressive and overwhelming.

I've taken today to honor people I believe in with unsolicited recommendations because Tom has proven he has what it takes to carry the ball with your resources.

Luc Boivin

Concierge Risk Manager

I Am Bodyguard

It was quite an honor and pleasure meeting you too-- and you are extraordinarily special. I meant what I said: you are only the second person that I felt compelled to meet - and I've heard hundreds of speakers during my 30 years in the publishing business. I could relate to much of your presentation from personal experience, not only from our similar situations growing up but also from much of your attitude and approach to business as well as your natural enthusiasm and care for your fellow man that just bursts from your presence.

Remo Loreto

Real Estate Sales/Financing

Guardian Savings Bank

I highly recommend Tom for any sales training. He is a great trainer and also brings the energy to motivate the team. Also he worked with us to streamline the sales process from marketing to final close including reviewing each and every email that we send out to our prospects and customers. He also helped us with the content of our website and defining process of hiring sales people.

We had a group of 7 people all remotely located. Audience included executives and sales people. Tom provides customized training material and it is quite useful. Yes we saw increase in sales numbers and more so about how our attitude and concept for sales have changed after him being part of our team.

Reena Gupta


Avankia LLC

FYI. I owe so much of my business success to Tom. Truly. Tom has given me the gift and I will give others the same.

Joe Mooney

Managing Partner

Residential Home Health

Tom, I appreciate all you have done and use some best practices that I have learned from you. The sales incubator was great. You are certainly a great teacher and sales instructor. Thanks again for helping me better my sales results!

Brad W. Carter

Vice President

First Tennessee Bank

I just wanted to thank you again for the bootcamp training you conducted this past Monday and Tuesday in our Region. The feedback I have heard from the agents is fantastic so I look forward to the improved results. Every time I attend the training I always learn more than the time before that I can implement into my daily management style so here's to looking forward to the next time you are in town!

Christina Von Der Ahe

Assistant Regional VP - California

Euler Hermes

On behalf of Andrea Latham, President of the Spring Hill Club, the officers, and all our members, we thank you for taking time from your extremely busy schedule to attend our meeting to discuss your proven system of sales success, including the importance of goal setting, professional attitude, and the ability to accept change. Your presentation was extremely informative to all our members, those who sell professionally for a living, and those who sell their ideas in whatever they do. Your strategies will be used also as we attempt to increase our membership to better meet the needs of the community and the children of Spring Hill.

Again, thank you very much for your support of The Spring Hill Kiwanis Club.

Bridget A Ward


The Spring Hill Kiwanis Club

Today's training was absolutely amazing! After over 40 years in sales I've never, ever been more challenged!

As I was sitting there, a scripture came to mind regarding the day and your training.

It is this: Ephesians 3:20 Our God is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us!

You are beyond exceptional and totally touched my heart and soul!

Thank you so very much for your commitment to excellence!

You are the "SECRETARIAT" of sales training!

Donna Tisdale

Elite Level V Executive Consultant

Roman + Fields Dermatologists

I listen to your book on tape all the time, along with a few others of course, and it is helping me very much. Thank you so much for taking the time to train us so well. Things are really beginning to change! I had been to another meeting recently and found that our lessons from you were suburb. Thank you again.

Elaine Moorhead

Roman + Fields Dermatologists

We are doing well; have had one new salesperson on board for about 4 months (got his first sale well ahead of other salespeople we have hired in the past) by following the program we put together. Script is working great, sales are up and we are continuing to improve.

R. Scott Williams

Director of Sales


Wanted to sincerely thank you for the past two days as it has been a career-altering experience. I wasn't sure what to expect from the training session as I've sat and listened to supposed "guru's" within other companies have shared their "expertise" on how to lie, cheat, steal, trick, manipulate and play good golf with a client. (Sure I'm forgetting something in there!)

This was quite the opposite experience, and I appreciate your sentiment, "to your own self be true," as well as the idea that sales is all about the client and the service we can provide. My biggest take-away over the past two days is that difference between the consummate professional and the guy who knows his stuff but just wings it. I'm committed to becoming that professional and feel I have more direction and purpose with where I need to go than I have since my beginnings my career with Euler.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting and thank you for inspiring yet another mind with a greater idea of what can be accomplished.


Brandon Bluhm


Euler Hermes

Thank you for coming to "The A Club Variety Program" broadcast studio this past Friday and giving such an informative, passionate, professional interview. With past American culture leaders such as two-time governor, now Senator from Tennessee. Mr. Lamar Alexander and Business Ethics Guru, Dr. Richard White, the guest performance standard was high but you met the challenge head on with intelligence and heart!

Your rags-to-riches story as author of "The Boxcar Millionaire" is powerful enough yet you showed infectious passion for giving back to the country that has enabled you to live the American Dream by communicating, and passing on, the American/ Free Enterprise values to the next generations of "The A Club".

Here's to hoping you can continue to pass on values that have made you and America successful!

Ace O'Wynn

Author & Information Artist

WAKM Radio

Great to hear from you, plus the responses you are having from my team. All have commented to me directly or emailed. The total voice is... Tom was great! We want more! I as well was very pleased with what you presented and the enthusiasm during and following the meeting. Enthusiasm is huge to me ... My saying to my team is ... "Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic!"

Jimmy Wilson

Regional Director Membership Sales

AirMedCare Network

That was one of the most useful business development sessions I've attended. As you know, I bought the book and have already passed it along to one of my firm's partners. I was telling him about the session, and he asked to read the book.

Thanks again for such a high quality event.

Hope Cooper

Marketing Director

Alexander Thompson Arnold PLLC

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your time on Monday. As I adventure back into sales from a 4 year hiatus, I can't tell you how much I really benefited from your material (and comic relief). I am very excited to get back out in the field and put to use some of the tools you have re-equipped me with. It really was refreshing (and FANTASTIC)!

Thank you again, and I wish much (more) success...

Dorinda McWilliams

Business Agent

Euler Hermes

Thank you so much for speaking at Reliant Bank! I heard great feedback and have received several emails thanking us for the opportunity to hear you speak!

One of the guests felt "renewed" and inspired by your encouraging advice - not only for business, but life in general. No wonder you are such a success!

Marion Ingram

Marketing Director

Reliant Bank

You rock! We were just talking at our full staff meeting about how you hit the nail on the head with your inspiring words last night!

Thanks a million Tom!

Ben Wolf

Vice President, Members Services

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

I've been selling for over 30 years. I've enjoyed a measure of success in my selling career. THIS PROGRAM WAS A WAKE UP CALL.

This training accomplished the impossible.. It discreetly and respectfully enrolled me in one major idea....

I must become a NEW student of sales process specific to this industry....  I cannot rely on my historical selling skills without enhancing and growing their abilities.

Michael Baron

Euler Hermes

I really enjoyed your class and wish I could have stayed to the end. Also, I just want to tell you that Boxcar Millionaire is a great book and I am really enjoying it. It is very well laid out and I wish that I had read this 10 years ago when I first started out in sales. Your book is changing the way I am doing business (commercial real estate).

Jim Foley

C.B. Ragland Company

I have known Tom over 30 years, from our mutual days at The Southwestern Company (I as senior accounting officer and Tom the top salesperson), then reconnecting with his investment in Techniflex, Inc., a sales and service company for the banking industry, for a successful restructuring and growth plan. Tom's well-demonstrated sales and business philosophy and work ethic combine to produce consistent results. All one needs to be teachable with a desire and commitment to work. You'll like what you get in return.

Tom Milam

Thank Tom!! To this day I can still remember your story & motivational speech that you gave 4 years ago at Progress Lighting In North Carolina. It truly touched me and had an impact on me. Thank you for that! Hope you are doing well. Maybe one of these days I'll have the pleasure of seeing you again soon....Thank you!

Alli Burns

Having been away from sales/business development for many years, I found the format interesting and the topics diverse enough to give me a sense of the big picture. Your comments at the start and close were an added bonus!

David Tally

I'm thankful that God put you into my life.  You taught me how to be a businessman.  Changed my life.  Very thankful to you, Tom.

Joe Mooney

Partner, Shore Capital Partners

I just wanted to take a moment to say outstanding! We have had the privilege over the last 20 years to have some great speakers, but Tom Black is outstanding!

Thank you so much for pursuing him for our benefit. He was a powerhouse out there tonight, and just what we needed to close the meeting and support a great week. 

Pam Falcone

Group Demo Manager SW Region

The Nutro Company

I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes of Tom's presentations — enthusiastic, motivated individuals who are likely to apply the skills Tom presented because of the effort he made to understand the work they do, their customers, and the skills needed to be successful in our unique business. I know that Tom's efforts will pay off for our group because of this intense level environment.

Many thanks for making our Licensing Summit an excellent experience for all who participated.

Toby Cannon

Director, Training and Development

Broadcast Music, Inc.

Tom’s training class was wonderful! Before lunch I had FIVE take-aways. The afternoon session was the nuts and bolts for me! I have been in banking for 30 years and learned so much yesterday I couldn’t stop telling my husband all about the class! Thank you!

Sue Kennemer

Financial Center Manager & VP


Tom has proven his ability to make cold calls, overcome objections, manage his time effectively and sell any product in an ethical and organized manner. He loves to share his techniques with other sales  people and his teachings make a real difference. Tom is an inspiration to all sales people, regardless of the product. It is my pleasure to recommend Tom Black to you and your sales team.

Ann Eaden

Vice President Customer Relations

Beaman Automotive Group

Thanks to Tom, we had a fantastic start to our annual National Sales Training. It takes a lot to impress this group of career sales people and Tom hit the mark. He had the perfect mix pf passion for community engagement, inspiration, and practical tools that our members were looking for. Not to mention, he made me look like a Rock Star! After his session, the attendees were pumped and ready to learn more about supporting their community. We will definitely ask Tom to present at future events!

Crystal Moore

Director, Education and Convention

American Chamber of Commerce Executives